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Madison Mackin

Beginner Yoga

Yoga Flow

Madison has been a yoga instructor for over a year, receiving her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Yoga Alliance in Nosara, Costa Rica July 2022. After receiving her certification, Madison began teaching yoga at several resorts and gyms around Kona. Having a background in dance Madison has always enjoyed and prioritized movement, leading her to a passion for sharing the practice of yoga. Madison’s teaching values connection to breath and tuning into one’s own body to allow for self-discovery and ultimately a practice that benefits each individual. Madison is excited to begin her practice with you at The Studio!

Yoga Group and Private Classes


Yvette Minear

YOGA Stress Resilience

I began studying yoga in 2009, when my restaurant carear became unsatisfying. It was an unexpected miracle to fall in love with teaching yoga! The first thing I observed was that when I am teaching, I literally can not think about anything else. I am in the present moment, with full focus. The level of multitasking required for the restaurant industry was a joyful juggle for me. I have found this translates to my teaching by allowing me to skilfully filter different needs for multiple students practicing together. No one experiences the same practice as those on the mats around them, even when they hear the same instructions. This is part of the magic of yoga. It brings us what we need on any given day. 


The ways yoga has sculpted my life are beyond any measure for vitality! Everything in my life is better because I practice. This is the joy I bring to every class I teach or attend.



Dandy Lion

YOGA Awaken

YOGA Slow Flow

YOGA Vinyasa

 Aloha, I am Dandylion, your local wildflower! I heard the calling to build my life around yoga after living in an ashram, which was a very intense experience. At first I ran from this calling by travelling, adventuring, backpacking in Europe for 4 months. Not ready to settle my roots just yet. But my destiny caught up with me and I ended up back here on the island, eventually living my dream of teaching yoga through much hard inner and outer work. Somewhere along the way I learned to breathe deeply, to be present, and to sit still... Throughout the years, yoga has brought me back to myself time and time again. I love sharing this way of being with other humans. I love connecting with people of all races, ages, genders, and all backgrounds through the art of asana (yoga postures). It is so interesting to me how we continuously twist our bodies into the forms of animals, plants, and even honor the planets, deities, and things far beyond our comprehension through yoga. I look forward to flowing and breathing with you! The love and Light in me honors and cherishes the love and Light in you... Namaste.

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