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I came to massage by way of the mental health field, where I practiced as a therapist for about 10 years before pursuing bodywork. When the pandemic happened and my work became virtual, I realized how much I valued the in-person human experience and started looking for a change. I decided to attend Maui Academy of Healing Arts and return to Hawaii, where I had resided from 2018-2020.


Helping my clients explore their body-mind connection and somatic experiences in therapy has been a meaningful part of my practice, and I believe that massage adds another layer to the kind of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing that can occur in our relationships with ourselves and with others. Because this work is vulnerable, I strive to hold space without judgment and to co-create an environment of safety for those I work with. I believe that every person deserves to live a full, healthy, empowered life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a guide in any aspect of that process.


Massage Therapist
MAT - 17802

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