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My name is Carly Stanley and massage therapy became a genuine interest of mine after suffering a spinal fracture at the age of 16. Upon starting my healing journey, I was introduced to massage which helped relieve the daily pain I had been experiencing. With this, I knew I had found my calling to help the community restore their health. I have a great passion for promoting holistic wellness, and a dedication to delivering exceptional client experiences. 

I completed my formal education and training in massage therapy at Wellness WORx in Bozeman, MT in 2016. Here, I acquired a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and a mixture of many massage techniques. 

Throughout my career, I have cultivated strong interpersonal skills that allow me to establish rapport with clients, understand their unique needs, and tailor massage treatments accordingly. I am adept at providing therapeutic massages for relaxation, stress relief, pain management, and injury rehabilitation. My goal is always to create a comfortable and rejuvenating environment where clients can unwind, heal, and improve their overall well-being.

Moreover, I am committed to staying informed about the latest developments and advancements in massage therapy through continuous education and training. I am familiar with different modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, lomilomi, and prenatal massages. I am always eager to expand my skill set to better serve my clients.

When I'm not massaging, I love spending time with my rescue dog, exploring all the island has to offer. I'm always eager to learn new things, whether it's spearfishing or practicing self-defense through martial arts. This is where I find peace.

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Massage Therapist
MAT - 16778

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