SacredEarth Botanicals® massage oil 


is handcrafted with only the finest USDA Certified Organic oils. The massage oil blend is light, glides easily over the surface yet provides enough drag to be excellent for deep tissue work. Very concentrated, a small amount of this oil will provide several minutes of workability and you will leave the table feeling like your skin has just been moisturized, not greasy.


Sunflower oil

Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to aid skin hydration. The smooth, silky texture of Sunflower oil gives the SEB massage blend its great glide.


Safflower oil

This oil is extremely high in linoleic acid, a key component to moisturizing dry skin and keeping skin hydrated. You will appreciate its light feel.


Olive oil

Our olive oil has been filtered to remove the tannins leaving an amazing emollient that will prevent the loss of moisture from the skin and will not clog pores.


Jojoba oil

Very close to the body's own natural skin secretion sebum, jojoba oil is really a liquid wax that absorbs easily, yet provides just the right amount of drag.



"The Life of The Land is Maintained in Harmony"


Hana Nai'a is more than just a product or philosophy - it is an experience.  Hana Nai'a products are 100% pure and Made with Aloha in Hawaiʻi using all organic ingredients wherever possible or wild crafted in a conscious manner.  There are no synthetic or "natural" fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no petroleum, and no parabens.


Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils of flowers and plants for specific cosmetic or healing purposes.  It is based on many thousands of years of medical and scientific research.  All botanical extracts, especially essential oils are the concentrated vital "Life Force" or "Soul" of the plant.  Most are deliciously fragrant potent aromatics that stimulate mental and physical responses through the sense of smell, the most powerful of all the senses. 

The effect on the psyche is powerful and immediate.  The unique molecular structure of pure essential oils enables them to reach deeper skin layers bringing their stimulating nourishing action to centers of cell regeneration.


Sense of smell is unique in that olfactory receptors are the only receptors in direct contact with the outside world.  Communicating with the base of the brain (about level with the bridge of the nose), sensitive hairs in the nose pick up the fragrant molecules, sending their message directly to the lymbic system, the cerebral core of emotion and memory controlling the entire endocrine system of hormones that can regulate metabolism, send calming neural messages, restore every cell, every nerve's function, increase energy, untangle nerves, lift a mood, heighten libido, improve lymph flow and circulation. 


The essential oils we use are gathered from around the world and are of the highest quality and purity.  It takes many pounds of flowers to create a small amount of essential oil.  For this reason pure essential oils are very costly and for centuries have only been available to select groups.


All of our products are prepared with great reverence for the soul of the plants and the planet by Maryann Rose.  Maryann keeps the source of her ingredients close to her heart, and few hands touch the oils before the reach their intended purchasers.  This keeps the quality and integrity of these products at the highest level.