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Tiare Lum

Sound Healing and Meditation

I am also a Certified Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapy Practitioner using tuning forks, crystal and Himalayan bowls, chimes, bells, and drums. Sound Therapy uses specifically tuned sound frequencies for clearing stress, blockages, and the energetic and emotional stagnation from a person's subtle energy system.

Sound Healing Soul Sessions

Come join me and my crystal bowls as we take a journey through a guided meditation and healing sound bath. Each crystal bowl resonates with each chakra to cleanse and clear with beautiful vibrational healing frequencies. I also incorporate other instruments to enhance the sound experience. Each class will be different and will also include Hawaiian Chanting and singing to ground and connect with high vibrational frequencies to help you relax, clear stress and any blockages, and move any energetic and emotional stagnation from your body. As you bathe in the essence of these beautiful energies, it will help you to be present in your physical body and bring about any awareness to you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The intention of this class is to bring about positive changes to you and your body tissues and cells to enhance your well-being while bringing your body back to peace and harmony. 

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