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What are the basics to know about Acupuncture?


Acupuncture and related therapies are a time-honored and very developed practice. Our goal is to give you new tools along with insights to both augment and focus your health care.

All sessions start with a 10-15 minute discussion to get acquainted with you as a person. This usually starts with reviewing your health needs, goals and practices.

You then receive acupressure massage on your limbs to start to know your energy channels and points. These are the unique focus of acupuncture: a level of anatomy that is relatively easy to change, but that influences other tissues (muscles, lymph, tendons, bone, blood circulation, etc.).

A few needles may be used—according to your level of comfort—to start balancing your channels. Next is the face-down position on the massage table, with a neck and shoulder massage. Points on the back reveal deeper diagnostic patterns that are the basis for long-term care. They are treated gently and with respect.

All treatments are both safe and comfortable. Needles are very fine, sterile, and used only once. Non-needle techniques can be the most important part of treatments. These include acupressure, cupping, and massage tools made of various stones.

Afterwards, patients are sent recommendations for points to massage on themselves, beneficial foods to try, and herbs to consider. The goal is to empower patients with more tools to use for long-term needs. People also usually leave feeling better than when they walked in: what acupuncture is known for.

Suitable ages for acupuncture are from 15 to over 95. Non-needle techniques such as acupressure are preferred in pediatrics, ages 2-15. Also, we readily to adapt to any special need.

[Roger Batchelor, L.Ac.]

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