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Meet Roger, our new Acupuncturist ... 


Roger Batchelor, L.Ac.


I am an experienced, caring and gentle practitioner of acupuncture and related techniques who enjoys teaching patients.

I was originally from the hardy and practical terrain of the American midwest. I migrated to California’s more open culture to begin studying bodywork (massage) and related natural therapies in 1983. Moving to New Mexico to study acupuncture, I also learned from both the vitality of the land and the traditional cultures that endured there. Most transformative was going to China 4 times to study acupuncture and qigong. Moving to the forests of Oregon with its livable cities was great for work: I began in public health clinics for a decade, taught full-time for 20 years, and finished as an acupuncturist at the state medical school. I now live on Hawai’i with my wife, Janeen, who’s made her home here for over 20 years. I am excited to learn from the people and the land here.

Acupuncture and massage begin with studying the skin. The surface reflects what is inside. By understanding acupuncture channels and points, we can influence and better understand internal medicine. This quickly and profoundly affects our physical and mental health. I like to give people new tools they can use for better health every day.


 ACU - 1394

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