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Meticulous.  Intuitive.  Attentive.


My natural inclinations and trainings have led to a massage style that is meticulous, intuitive, and attentive.  Whether addressing an active imbalance in the body, or encouraging a heightened state of relaxation, this style allows me to meet each body where it is presently and incorporate a custom approach to each session. 


My formal studies have included modalities such as Lomi Lomi, medical, swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, and fascia connection.  This knowledge serves as an intellectual base for the intuitive and attentive style, or “informed intuition” I like to call it.  I am licensed in 4 states, and have had the privilege of honing my style with some truly great people.  I came to massage therapy a little later in life, and truly enjoy each massage as a unique experience with each client.  I would be honored to share this style and experience with you.


Massage Therapist
MAT - 15955

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