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Jodi Harms

Mat Pilates "Level One"

Mat Pilates "Mixed Level"

Mat Pilates "Sculpt" Back & Booty

Mat Pilates "Sculpt" Arms & Abs

Breath Work and Meditation

 Health and fitness has always been a part of my lifestyle. My passion for health and wellness led me to receiving my first certification as a holistic health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I started with holistic health and nutrition coaching helping clients eat well while finding balance in every area of their lives. What I love most about holistic health is that it treats the body as whole- mind, body, and spirit. I decided to take a deeper dive into holistic health where I got my degree as a holistic health practitioner with American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2018.  After studying and exploring a variety of holistic modalities, the one that resonated most was breathwork. Breathing is so simple yet it’s effects are so powerful. In January 2022 I received my breathwork certification in yoga breathing. Breathwork is so powerful in aiding to relax your nervous system, increase mental clarity, improve sleep, increase energy, and calm your mind. In early 2023 I studied with Pilates Instructor Academy and completed my mat and reformer certification training to elevate my clients’ experiences. Pilates is such a great mind body exercise focused on building strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.


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