Its a pleasure and honor to serve you and support the beautiful body temple that houses your divine soul. The massage I offer is an ecletic mix of styles from Lomi Lomi and Swedish to Thai and Myofascial Release, derived from the training I’ve received from multiple teachers. I’m careful to cater to your personal needs and give focused attention where you need it most. Whether you are looking to relieve specific tensions or simply seeking a relaxing and soothing experience I’ll be certain to accomodate you. Since 2011 I’ve become deeply enthusiastic about encouraging individual and collective wellness through practices that support body, mind, and spirit. Today, I’ve found my heart’s calling in massage bodywork to support physical and emotional wellbeing for our community. In my free time you can find me surfing, dancing, or probably shopping at Island Naturals haha. I’m delighted to meet you and grateful to support your journey through life. Aloha!


Massage Therapist

MAT - 16266

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