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Reverence for the body and somatic healing brought me to the study of massage therapy. In 2018, under the talented and intuitive guidance of Angela Leslee of Aloha Massage, I learned the art of therapeutic massage. Study of the ancient Hawaiian healing practice of Lomi Lomi brought me into a closer relationship with the spirit of the land and plants of this island. 
Six years prior to becoming a massage therapist I obtained a hatha yoga teacher training certification at Shambhava Yoga’s Konalani Ashram. With a passion to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection I went on to study somatic therapy. Then, in 2014, motherhood sparked my fascination with the healing capacity of plants. I went on to study herbalism and aromatherapy through the Herbal Academy. 
Nearly a decade of study and experience in the healing arts has resulted in my unique and integrative approach to massage therapy. Today you can find me serving with aloha in the spirit of my teachers.

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Massage Therapist
MAT - 16258

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